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Wickow Head


This weekend was another treat for me and another visit to Newcastle Aerodrome was had courtesy of John Nugent and Wicklow TV. This trip though resulted in a helicopter trip across the Wicklow countryside and along the beautiful expansive Wicklow coastline.


Checkered Plane

Checkered Plane

A colourful plane at the Newcastle Aerodrome that i found tucked away at the back of the dark hangar. Again, a big thank you has to go to for inviting us down for the day. A lot of fun was had.


Top Gun

top gun

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had today in the Newcastle Aerodrome courtesy of The lads just landed from a chopper flight along the Wicklow coastline and by all accounts look pretty chuffed with themselves. A bit of a thrill Stephen?? ;)

For a clearer explanation.. and a must listen accompaniment to the photo check out this video!