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Lonely B(u)oy

Lonely B(u)oy

A single buoy floating in the Irish Sea. It’s amazing how blue the sea can be, and unfortunately we don’t notice until we are airborne.


Open Expanse

Open Expanse

The Irish Sea is an amazing expanse of water which displays lovely variety of colour. I had the opportunity to take this picture while taking part in Photo Fly for @wicklowtv. Sea for as far as the eye can see… just lovely!


Checkered Plane

Checkered Plane

A colourful plane at the Newcastle Aerodrome that i found tucked away at the back of the dark hangar. Again, a big thank you has to go to for inviting us down for the day. A lot of fun was had.


Top Gun

top gun

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had today in the Newcastle Aerodrome courtesy of The lads just landed from a chopper flight along the Wicklow coastline and by all accounts look pretty chuffed with themselves. A bit of a thrill Stephen?? ;)

For a clearer explanation.. and a must listen accompaniment to the photo check out this video!