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Elliott the Elephant


Elephants are wonderful creatures and although just a baby, this little fella weighs over a ton. Isn’t he cute.




Two orangutans in Dublin Zoo take a moment to have a bit of a hug and a cuddle. It’s amazing how much like humans these monkeys are, not only in terms of mannerisms but look at their hands!.. scary but seriously cute.


Monkey Business


Dublin Zoo is home to hundreds of animals and has to be one of the most proactive zoo’s around. The staff and keepers of Dublin Zoo engage the animals on a daily basis to keep them active and energised. From hiding the feed, to creating activities, the keepers really do a great job. We met some very friendly girls and one guy who told us about how the animals live on a daily basis and told us about the new measures being taken to increase the wellbeing and happiness of their animals.

For example, these Gorilla’s live in an enclosure that has been in existence since the 1970′s. Last year however, the keepers decided that if they couldn’t make it wider, they would make it taller. Carefully structured, this new jungle gym brings fun and excitement into their daily lives. There are plans to create a brand new habitat for the Gorillas in the African Planes that will bring them back to the jungle. Promises to be a great new home for these furry giants.

There is tons of information available about dublin zoo at


Rambling Rhinos

I had the most wonderful opportunity on Saturday 25th of September to visit Dublin Zoo before opening hours to meet some of the wonderful animals that live within its walls. We we’re introduced to the California Sealions, the gorgeous humbolt penguins and the cutest little Red Panda in the world! Following our tour and after brekkie my aunt and 5 year old cousin joined me for the remainder of the day, and one of my cousins favourite animals has to be the Rhino. I especially liked his little joke.. “Do you think he Saurus”. Very cute! So here they are.. the rambling rhinos in their wonderful enclosure at Dublin Zoo.


Happy Chameleon

happy chameleon

Another picture from Dublin Zoo. Couldn't resist sharing this happy chameleon with you guys. Something colourful to make your Friday even brighter!


Snow White

snow white

There are quite a lot of unusual animals in Dublin Zoo, and many of them are easy to miss. While passing the Waldrapp Ibis enclosure, I spotted this lone snow white bird perched on top of a tree. It's quite a magnificent creature. Safe to say I would not like to see this thing flying towards me.


African Waterfall


Taking a walk around Dublin Zoo, the African Plains in fact, we stumbled across this beautiful hidden waterfall, tucked in behind the elephant enclosure. For those who missed it on their visit to Dublin Zoo, what a shame!


Lone Wolf


wolf-landscape My second installment to the photoblog and a photo I took in Dublin Zoo on the 8th of February. I managed to snap this lone wolf wandering around and would love to know what you guys think of it.