Sarah Kavanagh

A little bit of everything


I know what you’re thinking… “Not another bloody photo blog!”  Well that is what this is. I’m only really starting to get into photography, with a proper camera that is, and have abandoned my little point and shoot and the iPhone in an effort to produce some decent photos. I’d like to think that I’m going to share some photos that you will enjoy seeing and hopefully the blog will grow as I take more and more photos. Now the proud owner of a Canon 500D!



Q. Where’s the “About Sarah” bit?
A. I don’t have one but really quickly I’m Sarah, I’m from Dublin, I like chocolate raisins, I have a dog called Pepper, I like to drive fast, I’m funny (unresearched, may not be true), I hate sprouts, I lurve music, I’m falling in love with photography and I would die without internet access.

Q. Where else can I find out about Sarah?
A. You can find me on Twitter and I also write a little ditty of a design blog over at I also create The Ultimate Playlist, an electro / Indie music blog.

Q. Anything else?
A. I’m Lead Designer at Axonista.  That is all! :)